Certified mediator


Professional profile

The ADR certified mediator is a neutral and independent mediator whom assists the parties to voluntary discussions and negotiations where the parties jointly, without the intervention of the court, under the leadership of the mediator, create a solution and establish a binding final document.

ADR Register distinguishes 3 mediator types:

Characteristics mediation procedure

  • Maximum result, short lead time, no waiting, future oriented
  • Low cost (many legal aid insurances will reimburse the cost!)
  • All parties share the costs on the basis of a certain scale which they themselves have set.
  • Participation is voluntary
  • All parties and the mediator, may stop the procedure.
  • Confidentiality during the procedure
  • Suspension / detention of other ongoing procedures (if possible)
  • The mediator puts the assignment set in a starting document or coaching contract.
  • The end result is recorded in a final document or settlement.