Certified negotiator


Professional profile

The ADR certified negotiator acts on behalf of and exclusively for the account of one or more clients with the specific mission to achieve and to execute to best possible result for its client(s) in a specific case or dispute.

ADR Register distinquishes 2 negotiator types:

  • Content-negotiator
  • Master-negotiator

The content-negotiator acts on behalf of his principal(s) or employer only, has specific content based knowledge and skills on expert-level, coordinates the complete negotiation process, reports directly to his principal(s) or employer and has no specific obligations or responsibilities with regard to all other involved parties. Examples: insurance representative, surveyor, architect, medical specialist.

The master-negotiator guides all involved parties and has the final responsibility for the entire negotiationprocess. All ADR certified arbitrators and mediators are also certified as master-negotiator.

Characteristics negotiation procedure

  • You decide the route, the ethics, the result and the procedure.
  • Your ambitions, goals and expectations are the binding guideline for the assigned negotiator.
  • As a result: you decide about time, costs, expenses and energy.
  • No holds, start direct!
  • 100% result focused!
  • The negotiator puts the assignment set in a starting or negotiating contract.
  • The result is recorded in a final document or settlement agreement with your opponents.