Select the best possible!

Select the best possible

Select an ADR registered and certified arbitrator, conflictcoach, mediator or negotiator!

  • Independent and reliable
  • Delivers added value for your money
  • Market-oriented professionals
  • If necessary with specific knowledge of and skills in sector in which a ruling is required
  • Professional training completed
  • Maintenance of knowledge and skills during the certification based on ADR Continuing Professional Development program
  • Approachable because of conduct and disciplinary rules
  • Compulsory professional and business liability insurance (only if full certified)
  • Use of ADR procedure requirements and model documents
  • Active in the local, national and international market
  • Active members of our international network of ADR registered and certified practitioners

Conflict or dispute? Do not wait! Do not hesitate!

Select the best!

Choose for an ADR arbitrator, conflictcoach, mediator or negotiator!