Accredited education & agencies

Before applying for registration and certification a scope related accredited education & training program must be completed.
Individual accreditation
  • If you did not complete an accredited program, however, you did complete a simular program, you can apply for an individual accreditation.
  • Your curriculum will examed against our criteria for the professional scope related training.
  • Please contact our office operations for more information and a quotation.
Overview accredited education & training programs
The following education and training programs are accredited, recognized and qualify for the individual registration & certification.
(1) All education & training programs of our accredited agencies. See below for the complete overview.
(2) Professional education and training programs accredited or handled by:
  • American Board for NLP (ABNLP) (scope: coaching)
  • Belgium Federal Mediationcommittee (Belgische Federale Bemiddelingscommissie) (scope: mediation)
  • CEDR UK (scope: mediation)
  • Dutch council for coaches (NOBCO) (scope: coaching)
  • European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) (scope: coaching)
  • International Chambers of Commerce (scope: arbitration)
  • International Mediation Institute (IMI | IMI QAP's) (scope: mediation)
  • Mediators Federation Netherlands (MFN, ex NMI) (scope: mediation)
  • Mediation Training Institute International (scope: mediation)
AgentschapLandGeaccrediteerd voor
AMV Opleidingen BVNederlandBasis-beroepsopleiding en PE
Basis-beroepsopleiding en PE
Basis-beroepsopleiding en PE
Edumonde NetherlandsNederland
Basis-beroepsopleiding en PE
Empathy Law International ADR InstituteThailandBasis-beroepsopleiding en PE
Het MediationhuisNederlandBasis-beroepsopleiding en PE
Langhenkel Opleiding Training AdviesNederland
Basis-beroepsopleiding en PE
Learn DutchZuid AfrikaBasis-beroepsopleiding en PE
Basis-beroepsopleiding, PE,
vaardighedentoets (live audit)
MC ConsultantsNederland
Basis-beroepsopleiding en PE
Mediasi | Mediation & TrainingNederland
Basis-beroepsopleiding, PE,
vaardighedentoets (mentoraat audit)
Mediation CollegeNederland
Basis-beroepsopleiding en PE
Mediation Educatie CentrumNederland
Basis-beroepsopleiding en PE
SC Edumonde SrlRoemeniëBasis-beroepsopleiding, PE,
vaardighedentoets (live audit),
registratiedossiers Roemenië
Social JusticeZuid AfrikaBasis-beroepsopleiding en PE
VCM TrainingenNederland
Basis-beroepsopleiding en PE